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Bulkchats.com an excellent marketing service channel since 2006 under telnet. We are providing the best services related to marketing for your better growth. In this site we are focused on targeting the whatsapp bulk chats service that allows you to send any virtual information, text messages, link, business location and promotional offers to people for your business. Choosing the right (Chat Service Provider) is not easy, with Bulkchats.com you can have the full analysis of the campaigns you will be running and of course to compare the price list. We charge you for what you get, out price list is the lowest compare to the other third party companies in the field. For the ending sale you can make the best offer and save 30%. Learn more                                                                                                                                                

We have made this site to provide you our best services for marketing purposes. Bulkchats.com is a marketing service site that uses AI Softwares and Automation Technology to give you the most targeted and relevant customers for your business by sending bulk chats to your customers and nearby people. With more than thousands of customers who are already taking our services we are giving a heavy discount for the ending of the year sale. We do not use any third party softwares for our tasks that reduces 90% chances of blocking by whatsapp. 

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